East Brook Middle School is mourning the loss of a student and a veteran teacher after the bus they were riding in was involved in a fatal collision.
Every parent’s nightmare came true on Thursday when a school bus carrying 38 fifth grade students and seven teachers from East Brook Middle School in Paramus, New Jersey collided with a dump truck on Route 80 in Mount Olive. The bus had been headed to Waterloo Village on a field trip, but the trip was cut short after the two vehicles collided. Officials aren’t quite sure who is to blame for the crash, however, Yahoo News reported that investigators told ABC News that they are looking into whether the school bus driver attempted to make an illegal U-turn just before the deadly crash occurred.
A photo of the tragic accident shows the bus lying on its side and in the median of Route 80. The front of the bus appears to be ripped off. Photos also show what looks like student backpacks and lunch boxes strewn across the median. Both sides of Route 80 were closed while emergency medical personnel worked to get the students out safety and the accident scene cleaned up.
Sadly, as we mentioned before, a student and teacher were killed in the accident and 43 others were taken to local hospitals where they received treatment for the injuries they had sustained. Some of those patients were also said to be in critical condition and were undergoing surgery. North Jersey identified the deceased teacher as Jennifer Marie Williamson a veteran teacher who had been educating children for
Forty-three people were transported to local hospitals after the accident, some being treated for minor injuries and others having to undergo surgery.
more than 20 years.
One of the students who managed to survive without sustaining any severe injuries spoke with a news source after he was released from Morristown Medical Center. He said, “People were screaming and they were like hanging from their seat belts.” This student, who has been identified as Theo Ancevski, said he managed to escape from the wrecked bus by climbing through an emergency exit located on the roof of the bus.

What do we know about the dump truck and its role in the accident?

While investigators have their theories as to why this unfortunate bus accident transpired on Route 80, App.com also shared some interesting information regarding the dump truck company that might be helpful to officials as they conduct their investigation.
Apparently, the source says the dump truck involved in the crash is owned by a Belleville company, Mendez Trucking Inc. That company has logged 247 violations and eight crashes in the past 24 months. App.com also highlighted that the license plate number of the truck involved in the crash was the same license plate number as a vehicle that had been involved in an accident in 2016.
Although officials are still working toward identifying the true cause of this accident, this information, if accurate, may aid in their investigation.
It’s hard to believe these types of accidents occur, but sadly they do. And while the victims and their families are probably focusing on recovering right now, they might also consider hiring a New Jersey bus accident lawyer who can help them seek justice for the misfortune that has been brought upon them.

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