While millions of people across the world are frantically trying to protect themselves from contracting the coronavirus, researchers in the UK are asking volunteers to come forward and become infected with Covid-19. The virus, which has managed to spread across the globe, is responsible for sickening more than 115,800 and killing over 4,200 as of Wednesday [Source: CNN]. In an effort to develop a vaccine that could reduce the chances of more individuals catching the virus, researchers at The Queen Mary BioEnterprises Innovation Centre in London are preparing to conduct a study that requires 24 volunteers, reports the Daily Mail UK.

The source says that volunteers will be injected with two weaker strains of the virus that could give them the respiratory symptoms those who contracted the virus experienced. Volunteers will then be tested with a jab, which was developed by the company Hvivo, which contains ingredients scientists hope will successfully fight off the virus. Patients will then be quarantined for two weeks while they are monitored to see if it is successful.

While in quarantine, patients will have to eat a restricted diet and won’t be allowed to have contact with anyone else nor will they be able to exercise. Doctors will also be working on the study to assess all participants’ response to the vaccine while wearing protective clothing and ventilators, says the source. While scientists are eager to develop a vaccine that has the ability to help a person’s body fight off the coronavirus, the study won’t be happening until Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency approves it first.


How much money are researchers offering volunteers to participate in the study?


Interested in the dollar amount researchers are offering to those brave enough to contract coronavirus voluntarily? According to the news source, volunteers could be paid £3,500, which is equivalent to about $4,500. In exchange for the money, volunteers will likely be required to sign a waiver as anything could potentially go wrong. As you know, when taking any type of medication, there is always the chance of you having an adverse reaction to it, so it is important for you to be aware of the risks associated with taking it.

Whether the study is given the green light or not, Cathal Friel, who is the executive chairman of Hvivo’s parent company, Open Orphan, says the company is “at the forefront of the fight against the outbreak.” Although Hvivo along with several other companies are working to create a vaccine for the coronavirus, experts say “[none will likely] be approved in time to halt the current epidemic.”

The source says the testing is part of a $2 billion global effort to find a vaccine for the virus as it continues to spread and infect.

Because we are being told that a vaccine likely won’t be ready anytime soon, the only way to protect yourself from contracting coronavirus is by washing your hands and steering clear of those who are sick. If you become infected with any type of illness, stay home until your symptoms have subsided or seek medical attention if needed. The coronavirus is more aggressive towards those with a weakened immune system which means you don’t want to be traveling or in a public place where it is easier to catch if you are already suffer from a health condition or are sick with the common cold or flu.

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