A fiery truck collision occurred last Thursday on I-80 in Nebraska, just east of Hershey. Apparently, a semi-truck that had been transporting Twinkies, rear-ended another semi-truck on the interstate and both caught fire. The North Platte Telegraph reported that after the truck carrying Twinkies collided into the other truck, it came to rest in the median and became engulfed in flames. It was not clear what the other truck had been transporting, however, its tires also caught on fire.
When first responders arrived at the scene, the occupants of both trucks evacuated their vehicles. The North Platte Fire and Rescue Department responded to the collision along with the Sutherland Volunteer Fire and Rescue Department. One person had to be transported to the hospital although he was conscious and alert.
The truck incident led to a delay in traffic and it wasn’t until a few hours later as firefighters expected a flare-up at the median fire, according to the source.

Motorcyclist Injured on Hwy 77 After Strong Gust of Wind Brought on by Passing Semi Causes Him to Lose Control

As a motorcyclist, it is important that you drive cautiously when traveling near a semi as they have the tendency to create large gusts of wind which have the power to deter your bike in another direction.
The day after this semi-truck incident transpired, another occurred in Lincoln, NE that left a motorcyclist in critical condition. 1011 Now reported on the accident and stated that a biker had been “merging onto Hwy 77 from Hwy 33 when a strong gust of wind which was partially caused by a semi-truck in the passing lane, caused him to lose control.” Aside from creating heavy gusts of wind, the truck had no other involvement in the incident. Unfortunately, for the motorcyclist, he had to be airlifted to Bryan West Campus as his injuries were said to be life-threatening.
Semi-trucks are by far some of the largest vehicles that drivers share the roadway with. And the truth is, they can sometimes be rather dangerous. For example, if a semi driver makes an abrupt turn or does so at a fast rate of speed, they risk having their heavy load shift which is known to cause the truck to flip. Semi-trucks can also create heavy gusts of wind and we see in this accident just how dangerous that can be. Because of their fast rate of speed along with their massive size and weight, these trucks sometimes even make passenger vehicles shift a little when driving by them. Therefore, the next time you find yourself side by side with a semi, remember to drive cautiously and attentively.
Now if you have been injured in a truck accident in Nebraska, whether you were operating the truck or not, consider taking the time to learn about your legal rights in the matter. If you weren’t aware, you may be entitled to collect compensation for the injuries you have sustained along with the medical bills that have accrued for the treatment you have received. The best way to become more informed on your rights and what your accident might be worth, it is best to speak with a Nebraska truck accident lawyer. USAttorneys.com works with some of the best attorneys in the field and can connect you with someone now.

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