A Polk County resident may be held liable for covering some of the medical bills a semi-truck driver incurred after his horse walked into the street causing a major traffic collision.
It was almost two months ago when Christopher Fears, 31, and another truck driver, Robert Billings, 55, hit a wandering horse that walked into the roadway in Polk County, FL. Fears’ mother said that dashcam footage recovered from the semi-truck showed the horse entering the road from a nearby driveway and Billings’ truck hitting it first. After Billings clipped the horse, Fears then hit the animal and it “slammed through the windshield and into the cab of the truck” [Source: The Ledger]. While Billings was left uninjured from the incident, the horse didn’t survive, and Fears was left severely injured as a result of the accident.
The news source highlighted that Fears suffered a fractured spine, a cut cornea, and his face was left mangled. In a photo, you can see Fears’ face with several cuts and severe bruising. After the accident occurred, Fears’ family offered a cash reward for any information pertaining to the identity of the horse’s owner as no one initially came forward. It wasn’t until weeks later that the family learned that the horse belonged to Gerardo Sanchez, 41, of San Juan Avenue in Polk City.
The Polk County Sheriff’s Office stated that Sanchez’s wife eventually identified the dead horse and that Deputy Kurt Karakash learned the gate to their fence was left open the night of April 3rd, the night before the accident occurred involving Fears. The horse was never reported missing or stolen. The Polk County Sheriff’s Office eventually charged Sanchez with one second-degree misdemeanor count of permitting livestock to run at large or stray.

Fears’ Mother Says Her Insurance Company Will Likely Sue Sanchez to Reimburse the Family for Expenses

While the semi-truck Fears was operating was insured, he was not. And after having to be flown by helicopter to Lakeland Regional Health Medical Center and stay in the hospital for a few days, he has racked up quite a bit in medical bills. The helicopter ride alone cost $24,000 and the stay at the hospital amounted to $55,000. Doctor’s bills, follow-up visits, rehabilitation, and plastic surgery to restore his face was not included in that amount. Fears’ mother told the news source that while the commercial insurance their truck had covered some of the medical bills, their coverage only went so far.
She told the source that the insurance companies will more than likely go after Sanchez for reimbursement seeing that his negligence caused the unfortunate truck collision to occur.
Victims of truck collisions caused by another party’s negligence should consult with a Polk County truck crash attorney to learn what their legal rights are and how the laws can help them recover the compensation they deserve.
In accidents similar to this, aside from relying on an insurance company to recover compensation, victims and their families can also turn to a Polk County, FL truck accident attorney to step in and help. Not always are insurance companies successful in collecting the necessary compensation victims need which is why a truck accident lawyer can be rather useful at times like this. Not only can they file a claim against the negligent party, but also take the case to court if need be.
If you or someone you know was involved in a truck crash in Polk County, FL and need help getting the compensation you deserve, USAttorneys.com can help you find and retain a truck collision lawyer in your area who is more than qualified and capable of obtaining this for you.

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