A truck driver transporting lumber fell asleep while driving on Monday which resulted in his vehicle drifting off the roadway. The Great Fall Tribune reported on the incident and highlighted that after the trucker, who was said to be in his 60s or so, fell asleep, the truck went through about 50 feet of guardrail and then off the roadway. It flipped onto its side and fell about 13 feet down off the road.
The trucker, who surprisingly walked away from the accident without sustaining any injuries, was cited and the truck he was operating was totaled. The incident caused traffic to slow on Montana Highway 200 near Mile Post 82 as a lane was closed down. Although roadway conditions were intermittently wet near Rogers Pass, Montana Highway Trooper Amanda Villa said the road was dry where the wreck occurred. She stated that the road conditions were not a factor in causing this accident.

Truck Hauling Food Crashed Through Guardrail on Montana Highway 200 and Down an Embankment

Early in April, the Great Falls Tribune reported that a semi-truck accident occurred on Montana Highway 200 near the east side of Rogers Pass. The driver was going around the corner and heading downhill when his truck jackknifed due to the icy conditions. The trucker lost control of the vehicle and that is when the semi went through the guardrail and slightly down an embankment. The only thing keeping the truck from falling down several hundred feet was the remaining part of the guardrail that was still intact.
It appears the wet and slippery conditions of the roadway caused the truck to jackknife which resulted in the driver losing control of the vehicle.
The driver along with the second driver who was in the cab sleeper managed to climb out of an open window and onto the roadway. How they survived the crash without sustaining any injuries had everyone including the owner of Iron Horse Towing baffled. The towing company was called to the scene of this truck collision where they had to work carefully to recover the vehicle and bring it back up and onto the roadway. Scott Wolff, who is the owner of the tow truck company said that the slope was so steep that anyone who tried to walk on it slid down to the bottom.
The towing crew began extracting the truck from the side of the embankment by clearing trees and debris with a saw. They also had to work on the brake system of the truck so that they “weren’t fighting locked tires.” Between the steep embankment and only two lanes of road to work with, it was a tough job to get done. The men worked nearly four hours and even had to stop to let traffic go through as it was backed up for more than a mile. Once they finally were able to begin pulling the truck up, they couldn’t stop, and that caused traffic to build up again.
The news source also reported that the towing company was able to save the load of food that was being transported and returned the trailer containing it to the distributor in Missoula.
Based on these two accidents, it is clear truckers encounter some close calls when they engage in an accident.
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