As Delores Tyler sat inside her vehicle on the morning of September 11th, she witnessed a semi-truck in Lansing, IL swerve and crash into an apartment building located on Torrence Avenue just south of 184th Street. It was shortly after 5:00 a.m. when the collision occurred and Tyler, among other witnesses, quickly rushed over to the driver, attempting to keep him alert until emergency personnel arrived. Tyler told ABC 7 that the driver was able to communicate with her and the other witnesses and that he shared “his name, how old he was, and how many kids he has.” He also told Tyler’s daughter that “he’s sorry, he drifted off and fell asleep.”

It wasn’t long before police and medics arrived at the scene, however, it took them a significant period of time to extricate the driver from the cab of the truck. At 7:58 a.m., the trucker was finally freed from the vehicle and was then transported to the University of Chicago Medical Center with non-life threatening injuries. Unfortunately, the impact of the crash left one resident who lived inside the apartment complex in critical condition and it destroyed several parts of the building structure.

One of the residents, Danielle Godfrey who lives on the third floor, said that she was asleep with her two-year-old son and 13-year-old daughter when their bedroom walls caved in. She told the source, “My whole building shook really bad. Stuff started falling off my dresser. My fan flew on my bed and hit me and when I woke up, I’m like, ‘Oh my God.” Godfrey said that she decided to check on her neighbor who lived below her and when she got closer to his home, she could hear him screaming and yelling. She said he was covered in debris and it took emergency personnel nearly 20 minutes just to get to him.

Godfrey’s neighbor, who has been identified as a 36-year-old man, was then transported to Advocate Christ Hospital in critical condition after wood and bricks nearly buried him in his home. Aside from the injuries the crash caused, it also resulted in residents having nowhere to go as the apartment building was considered to be unsafe. The news outlet stated that the Red Cross was offering assistance those residents who were displaced from their homes.

Here’s what we know about the truck driver and the company in which he worked for.

Although the driver’s identity has not yet been released, other information has. Apparently, the trucker had been driving a rental truck that is operated by Vanek Brothers Trucking Company, which is based out of Chicago. He was said to have been hauling thousands of pounds of meat at the time of the accident. When ABC 7 reached out to the trucking company for comment, they did not have anything to say at the time. The crash now remains under investigation and you can expect that police and other agencies such as the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) will review the trucker’s work logs to determine how long he had been driving and if he was violating any rules or regulations.

Did you know that there were approximately 475,000 large truck crashes that occurred in 2016 and number that have already transpired this year [Source: FMCSA]? While each truck collision has a different outcome, it is usually the individuals on the other side of the truck who suffer the most.

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