Were they ever equipped to fight against the virus?


Several nursing homes in Florida have become a hotspot for the COVID-19 virus—and it’s no surprise. The fact is, the majority of people living in these facilities possess the very qualities that not only make them more susceptible to contracting the virus but also developing the severe symptoms that are associated with it. But that’s not the only reason why nursing homes have become a breeding ground for the virus.

The truth is, many nursing homes in Florida have recently been cited for various deficiencies which means they were already performing below the standards the state has set for nursing homes. If these homes were struggling to provide residents with the quality care and environment they needed prior to the COVID-19 outbreak, what makes them capable of providing residents with the type of care and attention they need to fight back against the potentially deadly virus?

This appears to be the stance Larry Polivka, who is the executive director of the Claude Pepper Center at Florida State University and a researcher on aging issues, has taken on the issue. According to Polivka, “none of this is surprising.” The researcher told the Miami Herald that “[COVID-19] was going to be especially problematic in nursing homes because they have such a vulnerable population. We were concerned they did not have the kind of infection-control capacity to respond to the magnitude of this challenge.”

Polivka also said that “there’s no reason to believe they would be prepared to manage this.” He was referring to the nursing homes that were placed on the Watch List for deficiencies.

To put this more into perspective, consider the conditions that were found in the DeSoto Health and Rehabilitation Center last year. In 2019, the facility had a flu problem, says the news source. Among all the residents living in the facility, 43 had requested a flu shot. Out of those 43, only 10 had shots administered despite the fact that the facility had enough supplies to provide all residents who had requested a flu shot with one. That same facility is now being called a “death trap” after the COVID-19 outbreak.


Did a loved one of yours contract COVID-19 while under the care of nursing home staff?


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