Thousands of Americans are affected by severe car accidents every year, and some of them may have to deal with permanent injuries afterward. Getting the right kind of legal help is the only way to minimize the financial burden of a serious injury. 

A car accident in North Memphis, Tennessee injured several minors.

Three juveniles were hurt in multiple vehicle crash

Police responded to the area of Thomas Street’s intersection with Frayser Boulevard early in the morning. An initial investigation revealed that three total vehicles were involved in the collision. 

The three juveniles who were injured were taken to LeBonheur Medical Center in non-critical condition. One adult female who was hurt was brought to Regional One Hospital in critical condition. The Memphis Police Department planned to conduct a full investigation to determine the cause of the accident, which was not given at the time of the news report. They did not say whether anyone would be charged or cited for causing the crash. 

The immediate aftermath of an accident

The families of those injured will have to go through a process that can provide assistance with getting payments for medical treatment and other problems caused by the accident. Initially, it is important to contact the driver’s insurance company and the police in order to file a claim and an accident report. This report will serve as an official record of the accident and it may be used as an important piece of evidence later. The insurance claim process is also necessary to receive money from an active policy.

Serious accidents require legal representation

In some accidents, the injuries and losses may be severe, and the insurance claim process alone is insufficient to cover things like medical treatment and missed time from work. If it becomes apparent that the accident has created much larger issues, it is best to speak with a personal injury lawyer about a lawsuit against the driver or business at fault. 

The attorney can look at all of the evidence available regarding the cause of the accident, who is legally at fault, and expenses related to things like medical treatment and missed time from work. They can factor all of these costs into the documentation that is filed in the local court to start the process of a personal injury lawsuit. As the lawyer for the plaintiff and defendant exchange information through the discovery process, there may be a full trial or they can decide to come to a settlement agreement that is favorable to both sides after negotiations. 

Speak with an accident lawyer near you

There are attorneys who assist clients throughout the state of Tennessee with civil lawsuits related to motor vehicle accidents. To learn how this process works, contact:

The Law Office of George R. Fusner

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