What Qualifies As Sexual Harassment or Workplace Abuse?

Sexual harassment refers to any unwelcomed and unsolicited comments, advances and behaviors that are sexual in nature. It can include a crude comment or derogatory statement, quid pro quo attack in which someone offers benefits like money or a promotion in exchange for sexual favors, or in worst cases, involves hostile behaviors and abuse. When it comes to sexual harassment, there is no stereotype. Both the perpetrator and the victim can be of any age and any race. The assailant can be a stranger, friend, co-worker or even family member. The incident can occur at work, school or even in public. Whether the incident was mild or hostile, sexual harassment can leave a lasting impact on the victim that can negatively affect their performance at school, work and influence their daily activities.

It is important to know that there is help available for victims. Sexual harassment is a violation of a person’s rights and we are here to ensure that you get connected to the best sexual harassment attorneys in your state that will see to it that your assailant is brought to justice. The law protects those who are victimized by sexual harassment, but oftentimes, victims are afraid to come forward out of fear or embarrassment. They suffer in school or at the workplace thinking that there is nothing that can be done.

Our sexual harassment attorneys want you to know that they are here to stand by your side and help you through this difficult time. With the help of our sexual harassment lawyers, the perpetrator will be fully investigated and future incidents will be prevented. Browse our site to learn more about our featured paralegals and the options that are available for you if you have been the victim of sexual harassment.

Facts and Statistics Surrounding Sexual Harassment

As mentioned, the act of sexual harassment can vary tremendously. This is why some individuals fail to acknowledge that they have been sexually harassed. No matter how minor or serious it may seem, the fact is, it is illegal for anyone to conduct themselves in a manner that violates any person’s human rights. Even a simple hand touch can leave someone feeling assaulted and worthless because their assailant didn’t take the time to consider their feelings, wants, or wishes in the matter.

As sexual harassment cases continue to grow, there are many that are left unrecognized and our sexual harassment lawyers urge you to come forward as they can aid you throughout this entire process. Being scared and uncertain are normal emotions to experience but that shouldn’t stop you from seeking justice against someone who behaved unethically and in an illegal manner.

Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

One of the more common places where sexual harassment occurs is in the workplace. Did you know that one in three women are sexually harassed at work? The survey included 2,235 full-time and part-time female employees and among the number who state they were harassed, only 29 percent claimed they reported the issue. That means 71 percent did not hold their assailant accountable and were left having to either deal with the matter on their own or continue to struggle with the injustice.

Sometimes, victims of sexual harassment fear the outcome of them reporting the misconduct and rather avoid the risk of losing their job or being further abused. The fact is, the mental and emotional struggle you may endure could be far worse than just coming forward with your claims and recognizing the person or people who engaged in the illegal act.

USAttorneys is Ready to Help You Find the Right Sexual Harassment Attorney in Your City

One thing to be mindful of is that just because you reach out to an attorney doesn’t mean you are letting the world know that your assailant sexually harassed you. By sitting down and speaking with a lawyer who specializes in this field, you are getting the issue that may be having you feeling overwhelmed and even depressed off your shoulders. They can inform you of what your rights are in this matter, what can be done, and the various ways they can help and represent you.

USAttorneys works with reputable, caring, and dedicated sexual harassment lawyers who understand just how serious the issue is and what you feel may be at stake by coming forward. But, you should never allow someone to engage in any act that has you feeling violated, uncomfortable, or is done without your consent.

Give us a call today and allow us the help you find the perfect attorney who will be patient with you, listen to your concerns, and devise a plan of action.


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