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Sexual harassment is a broad term that describes any unwanted sexual advances, conversation or behavior. It can be anything from a crude sexual joke made at work that someone overheard to an overt act of violence, such as rape. Sexual harassment is considered to be a form of sexual discrimination and is handled the same way as other discriminatory cases. Victims must make it clear that the offender’s actions are unwelcome and if they don’t stop, there are several courses of actions that victims can take, including acquiring legal counsel.

Sexual Harassment Laws in Alabama

In Alabama, sexual harassment involves any sexual act or advance that is unwelcome in nature. The victim must not have given the offender any suggestion or hint that they were ok with their behaviors nor that they encouraged them to occur. Sexual harassment victims must make it clear from the beginning of the instances that they wish the perpetrator to stop their behaviors. If the offender fails to head to the warnings, then the victim may escalate the matter to a supervisor and if that doesn’t work, then legal action may be taken.

Misconceptions about Sexual Harassment

Many times, people assume that the victims of sexual harassment are women. However, anyone can be the target of sexual harassment. The victim may be male or female, of any age, race and sexual orientation. Stereotypes about the sexual perpetrator are often wrong as well. A sexual offender can be a woman, teenager, and can be of any sexual orientation. In addition, sexual harassment doesn’t always occur at the one-on-one level. A victim may be attacked by a group of people or conversely, one person may attack a group of victims.

In addition, sexual harassment charges can be filed even if the victim was not directly affected by the actions. For example, two people at work may have been talking about pornography or made an inappropriate remark about another co-worker’s figure and if a third person overhears and takes offense, they have a right to file a sexual harassment complaint.

Where Sexual Harassment can Occur?

Sexual harassment is most common in the workplace and in school. The perpetrator may be a boss, co-worker, temporary personnel, janitor or even teacher. The sexual offender may request that an employee perform a sexual act in exchange for a raise or a promotion and may threaten the victim with firing them if they don’t comply. Another instance of sexual harassment may include a coworker constantly telling dirty jokes that are inappropriate for the workplace and can offend someone that overhears.

Regardless of the individual circumstances, sexual discrimination violates Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. It’s crucial to remember that everyone has a right to a safe work and education environment and if you have been sexually harassed, you have a right to seek help.

Hiring Legal Help

Sexual harassment can go on for months, even years if nothing is done about it. However, victims of sexual harassment often think that there is nothing they can do to fix the situation. They may be afraid of losing their jobs if they come forward or may fear getting a bad grade in class. However, the important thing to remember is that sexual offenders generally don’t stop their behaviors unless something is done about it. As a victim of sexual harassment, you have rights, and legal help is readily available to you. Speak to a sexual harassment lawyer in Alabama if you have been the target of sexual discrimination.

No one should have to suffer in a hostile work environment. With the help of a leading sexual harassment attorney in Alabama, you won’t be subject to the unwanted behaviors any longer. Your paralegal will ensure that the perpetrator is apprehended and pays for their crimes. Rest assured that you will find justice for your pain and suffering with the help of a top sexual harassment lawyer.

Each sexual harassment case is different in nature, and having an experienced and devoted team of sexual harassment attorneys working on your case will ensure the best possible outcome. Sexual harassment lawyers determine whether as a victim, you should file a complaint against the perpetrator at the state or federal level. Your paralegal will handle all the paperwork and ensure that the behaviors stop once and for all and never happen to anyone else.

Don’t be afraid to come forward if you or someone you know is experiencing sexual discrimination and harassment at work. As a victim, you may be entitled to receive compensation for your pain and suffering. Speak to a leading sexual harassment attorney right away to get started on your case.

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