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Sexual harassment is a form of sexual discrimination that occurs at the workplace. Victims can be of any gender, race, age or sexual orientation and don’t even need to be directly affected by an offender’s actions in order to seek disciplinary measures against the perpetrator. The harassment can be as mild as a joke that wasn’t relating to any one person in particular or as serious as a violent attack or rape. However, all sexual harassment incidents have one thing in common: they are unwanted and unwelcome.

The following are examples of common sexual harassment behaviors:

• Jokes or comments about a person’s appearance
• Lewd comments about sexual actions or a person’s body
• Explicit letters or emails
• Quid pro quo (this for that) sexual requests
• Physical contact (unwanted kissing, hugging or groping)
• Repeatedly asking someone out after having turned the person down
• Physical assault or rape

Sexual Harassment Laws in Arkansas

There are very strict laws against sexual harassment in Arkansas. Victims of sexual harassment have rights and may seek legal action against the perpetrator if the harasser does not cease their unwanted actions. The first thing that should be done is to tell the harasser that their actions or comments are unwelcome and should be ceased immediately. If the harasser does not stop, then the matter can be escalated to a supervisor. If no action is taken or if the situation still has not been remedied, the victim may choose (and is advised) to take legal action. In Arkansas, both the harasser and the company will be held liable and will be subject to disciplinary action if found guilty.

Seeking Legal Assistance for Sexual Harassment Claims

Different types of sexual harassment cases are dealt with in varying ways. Sometimes, the case can be handled internally at work, through the company’s Human Resources department. Since Arkansas law holds the company liable for the harasser’s actions, it is very likely that the matter will be dealt with and resolved immediately. However, if that doesn’t work, the victim may file a formal complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) at the federal level or can obtain a sexual harassment lawyer.

Obtaining Help from Sexual Harassment Attorneys in Arkansas

While the EEOC may be able to resolve the sexual harassment complaint, there is a statue of limitations which prevents the victim from waiting more than 180 days following the incident to report it as sexual harassment. Victims should seek legal help immediately, but the truth of the matter is that many sexual harassment victims are scared to report the incident.

Many times, victims of sexual harassment are afraid to come forward with accusations because they fear they may lose their job or that the offender will retaliate against them, either by making the situation at work worse or physically attacking them. However, it is illegal for someone to fire an employee in Arkansas as retaliation against a sexual harassment claim. If you have been the victim of sexual harassment, don’t be afraid to speak up so that you are never harmed again. Contact a leading sexual harassment lawyer in Arkansas immediately for legal assistance.

You have a legal right in Arkansas to work in a place that is free from hostility and discrimination, and this includes any unwanted sexual advances, conduct or comments. As a victim of sexual harassment, you may be eligible to receive thousands, or even millions of dollars in compensation for your pain and suffering, and your sexual harassment attorney will see to it that you obtain your rightful benefits.

No matter how mild or how severe the sexual harassment incidents have been, you can be sure that they will stop immediately when you have an elite team of Arkansas sexual harassment lawyers working on your case. Your paralegal will speak to the offender, as well as all other co-workers and supervisors, to ensure that harassment stops and never happens to another person again. Sexual harassment attorneys make sure that the perpetrator is held accountable for their actions and that they pay for their crimes.

Don’t be afraid to come forward with the truth if you or someone you care about have been the victims of sexual harassment at work. The sooner you speak up, the faster the disciplinary action will be taken and the faster the perpetrator will be put to justice. You have rights, and your sexual harassment lawyer will stop at nothing to make sure they are protected and upheld.

Our sexual harassment lawyers are standing by, ready to hear from you and help you with your case.


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