Two women have filed a lawsuit against several well known Fox News personalities, which includes allegations of sexual harassment and rape.


The women, named Jennifer Eckhart and Cathy Areu, claim that Ed Henry, Sean Hannity, Tucker Carlson, and Howard Kurtz had expected sexual favors from them in exchange for full time work at the station. Henry was fired just about a month before these allegations surfaced, but the complaint says that Fox News knew of his behavior since 2017 when the incident happened. The complaint further states that the network made a disingenuous attempt to take credit for firing Henry due to misconduct and discovering the illegal actions on their own, before they were aware of the upcoming lawsuit.


The specific language contained in the documentation said that the Vice President of Human Resources, Executive Editor and President of the Network, and President of Fox News Business all knew about the allegations for years without taking appropriate action. There were apparently multiple allegations against Henry by several different women starting in 2017, yet the network did not discipline him. Fox News responded that the lawsuit is not appropriately targeted, as they had fired Henry as soon as they learned about his actions and the plaintiffs should be suing him as an individual, rather than an employee of Fox News.


The facts surrounding this incident began back in 2014 when Eckhart was 24 years old and a production assistant. Henry had apparently been speaking to her through Twitter in a flirtatious and sexual manner. She eventually agreed to meet Henry at a New York Marriott hotel for drinks. During this encounter, the lawsuit claims that Henry forced himself onto her and started to remove her clothing. The lawsuit also details another alleged rape the following year where Eckhart was handcuffed and Henry took pictures of her while she was naked. Eckhart claims that she did not speak out earlier out of fear that he would retaliate against her and her career would be over.


Areu claims in the lawsuit that Hannity engaged in a number of acts of humiliating and misogynistic behavior such as offering other male members of the Fox News crew $100 to take her out on a date. When Hannity found out she would not play along, Areu was never invited back onto his show.


The allegations against Tucker Carlson include an episode where he attempted to invite Areu back to his hotel room, implying that he would be alone and there would be a sexual encounter between them.


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