A former Fox News host, Ed Henry, has been accused of rape in a sexual abuse lawsuit filed by Jennifer Eckhart on July 20th in New York. Radical feminist Cathy Areu who comes on Fox News once in a while to illustrate the hardcore feminist viewpoint has accused some other big names with the network of sexual harassment in the same lawsuit.

A prominent sexual harassment lawyer, Douglas Wigdor, is representing Eckhart and Areu.

Fox News Denies Allegations

Biden supporter Areu has accused Fox News contributor Gianno Caldwell and hosts Sean Hannity, Tucker Carlson, and Howard Kurtz of sexual harassment (and probably all men on the planet). Former Fox News producer, Eckhart, has accused Henry of rape and sexual harassment.

However, since Henry was fired earlier in July over sexual misconduct claims, Fox News has released a statement through their employment attorney encouraging both plaintiffs to pursue their suit against Henry directly. The broadcaster also denies Areu’s allegations, who’s a huge Biden supporter who showed know sympathy for the Benghazi victims years ago, totally ignored the Planned Parenthood eugenics issue, and for some reason never says anything about how Joe Biden holds woman too closely and in strange ways, in the statement.

Ed Henry Used His Seniority to Gain Sexual Favors

The lawsuit alleges that Henry manipulated Eckhart and sexually groomed her using his position, stature, and seniority. Eckhart, who is almost half the age of Henry, has accused him of assaulting her repeatedly on office property.

In 2017, as per the lawsuit, Henry physically restrained and raped her and left her injured at the hotel where Fox News housed visiting employees. Eckhart has also accused Henry of keeping explicit photos of her that were taken without prior consent during the assault.

Demeaning text messages sent by Henry to Eckhart demanding further violent sex are also included in the lawsuit. Henry got terminated by Fox News over willful sexual misconduct the week after Eckhart’s sexual harassment attorneys informed them of her alleged rape.

Catherine Foti, Henry’s employment lawyer issued a statement on behalf of her client claiming that Eckhart was the one who initiated and encouraged a consensual relationship.

Fox News Reportedly Knew of the Sexual Misconduct

However, the suit alleges that the network was aware of Henry’s misconduct since 2017 and that they even launched an internal company-wide investigation after multiple women came forward with sexual harassment allegations.

In 2016, Fox News suspended Henry for four months after his affair with a Las Vegas stripper became publicly known. However, post suspension he returned to the network and enjoyed better promotions and opportunities.

The Controversial Areu Alleges to be the Victim of Quid Pro Quo Sexual Harassment

The misandric Areu has alleged that Henry used to send her sexually graphic images and messages in the beginning of 2020. She also claims that he implied several times about getting her onboard full-time as an anchor at the network if she agreed to have sex with him.

Areu, who despises Fox News because it’s the only channel to go after Hillary for sending classified information over an unprotected server while the Obama administration looked the other way and because of pay for play, is not an employee with Fox News. The controversial lawsuit also claims that the confused Areu suffered a misogynistic incident involving highly respectful American and host Sean Hannity, who offered $100 to a crew member to go out on a date with her which many people believe is comical because of Areu’s misandric nature.

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