Shocking facts about drunk driving accidents in Louisiana

Brownsfield, LA – Most Americans know that drunk driving is a serious problem on the roads in every state. However, the specific data related to driving under the influence along with related accidents and injuries can be surprising. These numbers help show the gravity of the situation, and should help make drivers aware that they should always attempt to stay safe on the roads and avoid using a car if they have consumed drugs or alcohol. 

Anyone who needs more specific information about these matters should schedule a meeting with attorneys near me. It is possible to sue a driver who has caused a drunk driving accident, regardless of the disposition of their criminal charges. 

Statistics for drunk driving in Louisiana

According to the CDC, just over three thousand Louisiana residents were killed in a drunk driving accident from a ten year period between 2003 and 2012. This is above the national average for the number of people killed by drunk drivers per each 100,000 people in a state. Drivers in Louisiana also admit to driving after drinking too much in the last thirty day period at a rate that is much higher than the national average. In the United States as a whole, approximately one out of every three people who die in motor vehicle crashes are killed by drunk drivers. It is also estimated that in each year, there are millions of instances of drunk driving that occur, even if all of the drivers are not caught or involved in collisions.  

Various government agencies have been involved in marketing campaigns to try to promote awareness of the serious nature of these statistics. The CDC has also recommended uniformity in strict laws against drinking and driving and enforcement through sobriety checkpoints when possible. Penalties for underage drinking should also be enforced as part of this process. 

Lawsuits against drunk drivers

One of the most important things a victim can do after their accident is to speak with a local lawyer who focuses on motor vehicle accident cases involving an intoxicated driver. A civil negligence case can force the person responsible to pay for the victim’s medical treatment, lost wages, and pain and suffering. In Louisiana, punitive damages are also available in cases involving drunk drivers, which are meant as a form of civil punishment. If there is sufficient evidence of drunk driving, this can be very beneficial to the plaintiff, as this helps show that the defendant was negligent for operating their car at the time of the crash.  

Advice from a local accident lawyer

There are lawyers in Brownsfield who can provide more information about the process to bring a civil injury lawsuit. Miller, Hampton, and Hilgendorf is an experienced personal injury firm in Louisiana. 

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