West Palm Beach, FL Ride sharing companies now have large volumes of drivers on the roads at any given time throughout the United States. This means that accidents are also a possibility with high numbers of passengers being taken to destinations any given day. When an accident does happen, the passengers can contact the police and the ride sharing company to make a report. 

Actions to take after the collision

Anyone who has been involved in a crash while a passenger in a ride sharing vehicle should take most of the same steps that they would after any other accident. The police should be contacted to arrive at the scene and start an accident investigation. If it appears that the accident is severe, someone should contact emergency services through 911 immediately. The victim can also contact their insurance company, as well as the ride sharing service and use their procedures to report collisions. It also helps for anyone involved to get basic information about the drivers and vehicles involved, and the time and place of the crash. Drivers who use their cars for ride sharing are supposed to notify their insurance company that the vehicle will be used for transportation, otherwise they can face consequences from their provider at a later time.

While there are several steps that must be taken, this helps preserve the victim’s rights and create a record of the incident. 

Coverage from the ride sharing service

All ride sharing companies have some kind of policy that will protect victims who were actively being taken to their destination when the crash happened. However, the driver at fault may also end up paying out any claims through their insurance. While this process can be confusing, there can be an initial report, and the passenger can get legal help at a later time to help sort out any insurance issues and make sure the companies involved are acting in good faith. 

Lawsuits against ride sharing companies

Just like any other business, a ride sharing company may be sued if their drivers are responsible for an accident. This can depend on a number of different factors, but accident lawsuits are most common when insurance coverage is insufficient to cover losses and expensive medical bills associated with a serious car crash. 

Car crash attorneys in West Palm Beach

The attorneys at Smith and Vanture are available to help people with their personal injury lawsuits against ride sharing companies or negligent drivers. An initial consultation is the best way for anyone who needs assistance to discuss their problems with a lawyer and learn the best course of action. 

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