Gathering evidence is required after an individual gets into a truck accident to help prove who was responsible for the accident. Without sufficient evidence, it will be difficult for a person to get compensated, even if they suffered serious financial losses after the collision. One vital piece of evidence that is used in most truck accident cases is an Event Data Recorder (EDR), otherwise known as a black box.

What is an Event Data Recorder?

An EDR is a device installed in most commercial vehicles that keeps track of information regarding the events that occurred in the vehicle shortly before an accident and during the accident as well. There is no proper standardization of EDRs that compel all vehicles to have them, but most large commercial vehicles do have these black boxes installed and the information they provide can be used to help prove negligence in a truck accident.

By knowing the speed of a vehicle and whether any mechanical failure occurred or not, investigators can discern whether the truck driver was driving above the speed limit or whether the truck failed to function properly, and this mechanical failure is what lead to the accident.

Of course, more evidence is required before negligence can be proven, but a black box helps finish the puzzle and works to support other evidence that is collected.

What do EDR’s measure in a truck accident?

Shortly before and during the collision, the EDR measures:

  • Speed changes
  • The use of brakes
  • Whether the seatbelt was used
  • Whether the accelerator was engaged and to what degree
  • The steering behavior of the driver
  • The engagement of electronic stability control
  • Automatic braking activity

All this information can be used in court to prove that either the driver acted negligently or to prove that the truck malfunctioned and, therefore, lead to the collision. Anyone involved in a truck accident should not hesitate before calling a truck accident attorney at their earliest convenience. In most cases, the last thing on a person’s mind when they get hit by a truck is how they will deal with the legalities of the case.

After a collision, most people are focused on dealing with medical injuries, property damage, and overcoming the mental trauma they just experienced, and this can make individuals forget to call a legal expert after the collision. However, they must start the claim process as soon as possible to help them speed up the time to getting their final settlement so they can pay for their losses.

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