Here’s what you can do if a physician in Texas made an error during a cosmetic procedure that left you injured or harmed.

Many people often think that there aren’t nearly as many risks associated with getting a simple cosmetic procedure done as there is with those that are much more invasive. But the truth is, simple cosmetic procedures are just as risky. Unfortunately, this misconception has led many people to get a procedure done before actually taking the time to research the potential risks.

Dentist Left with Swollen, Bumpy Lips After Lip Filler Procedure Went Wrong

When Sarah Najjar, who is now 34, first turned 30, she noticed her lips were looking “deflated” and decided to have a filler injection procedure performed. Najjar, who is a dentist, paid $390 to have lip fillers in an effort to achieve the full, plump lips she had seen on others. Unfortunately, “Najjar did very little research before going ahead and having lip fillers done in 2016 — her first cosmetic procedure — believing it to be a simple procedure” [Source: Fox News].

After undergoing the procedure, Najjar noticed that her lips began to swell. While she thought this was a normal symptom, after about a week she said she “could see huge blue lumps and they felt rock hard.” She told Fox News that the lumps were rather obvious and were noticeable when she would talk which made her feel self-conscious. Najjar ended up going back to the physician who had performed the work on her lips who suggested that she have more filler added to her lips to “even them out.” Najjar said that “looking back, [she] now knows that [wasn’t] right, but at the time [she] trusted what [she] was being told and just wanted it fixed.”

Najjar proceeded to allow the physician to inject her with yet another milliliter of filler and shortly after noticed that her lips had swelled up even more than they had before.

Sometime after having the second round of filler injected into her lips, Najjar finally began to see the swelling subside but her lips “were lumpier than ever.” She had to “massage her lips [frequently] to break the filler down” and even went to a dermatologist nearby who could “reverse the damage” as she had a family wedding coming up that she needed to attend. The specialist she went to injected her with hyaluronidase, which is “a family of enzymes that can break down hyaluronic acid, the ingredient used in most lip fillers.”

Najjar ended up having to spend $900 to have the corrective procedure performed, a significant amount more than she had initially spent on the lip filler injections. Thankfully, no permanent damage had been done but Najjar is sharing her story in an effort to warn others that simple cosmetic procedures do carry risks, especially those that are performed by physicians who are offering it at a very low price.

After experiencing what she did from a simple cosmetic procedure, Najjar became “trained and qualified to perform injectable filler procedures” and now takes the time to inform her patients of the potential risks lip filler injections carry before allowing them to go through with the procedure.

When can a TX physician be held liable for a botched cosmetic procedure?

When a patient suffers adverse effects from a cosmetic procedure, it doesn’t always mean they can file a lawsuit against the doctor. Every cosmetic procedure carries risks, even the simplest ones, and most physicians have their patients sign a consent form that acknowledges they understand this before performing the procedure. When a patient signs a consent form, it means they are aware of the risks and agree to still have the procedure performed.

Therefore, if you experienced a negative side effect from a cosmetic procedure you had performed but the physician provided you with the standard level of care without making a mistake, you may not have a solid basis for filing a personal injury lawsuit. In the event the TX doctor did make a mistake which you later learned occurred or failed to assess your condition to ensure you were physically able to undergo the procedure and you suffered an injury or were harmed, then you should consider contacting Blizzard Law, PLLC.

If our office is able to determine that your physician was negligent in some way or made an error during your procedure which led to you suffering, you may be entitled to sue him or her for malpractice. To learn more about Texas’ medical malpractice laws and when you can sue a doctor, hospital or other health care professional, we encourage you to contact one of our Houston, TX personal injury lawyers.


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