Sisters in Orlando, Florida Start Their Own Business After Watching Their Mom Grow Hers

In the midst of all the chaos and uncertainty the COVID-19 pandemic has stirred up, here is a story about two sisters who learned how to launch their own successful business after watching their mom develop and grow hers.


Dede and Landrea Cowart say they began sharing ideas for a business at their family’s dinner table [Source: Click Orlando]. One conversation led to another and eventually, their ideas developed into what is now called Miscellaneous. Miscellaneous is the name of their store and it is located in Orlando, FL on North Orange Avenue. Inside the store you’ll find various things from coffee mugs to jewelry to books as the store offers “a little bit of everything they love.”

Dede Cowart told the news source that she believes their store is “pretty special because it’s overwhelming in the best way.” She also shared that the store is “always fully stocked and each time you visit there’s probably something new.” The sisters’ store offers customers “a very curated selection of products that are fun, inspiring, relatable, and even nostalgic at times.” Dede Cowart also shared with the source that growing up, she witnessed her mother grow her business, RW Events, and that is what inspired her and her sister to start their own.

Their business, which started with just gift baskets and their garage, later expanded into a storefront. Although the sisters say the pandemic has caused their business to experience highs and lows, they are now working to create an online storefront as are many other business owners are in Florida.


Do you have an idea for a business but aren’t sure what the requirements are for you to get if off the ground?


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