Kelly Skidmore is in the process of trying to gain support for the upcoming election, but her past lack of accomplishments may leave many voters disappointed. She was most well known for serving in the House of Representatives for District 90 for four years from 2006 to 2010. She lost her seat to a Republican in 2010, and has not held a major office since. She lost a later Democtratic primary race in 2016. 

Past issues and legacy of problems

Skidmore has a reputation for being an ineffective legislator as well during her time in the state house. Almost every bill she had proposed failed while in the committee stage, and only one of her bills passed, which worried local voters. Many residents have claimed that she seems to lack leadership skills and has no track record of real results. 

She also generated controversy because she never has actually lived in a district that she represented, despite the fact that this is a legal requirement written in the Florida Constitution. She had donated money to over 100 Republican politicians in recent years, even though she is running as a Democrat. These donations along with her current position as a public relations specialist for a marine company have led some to question her priorities and loyalty. Skidmore had taken leave time for questionable reasons earlier in her career. Despite this controversy, Skidmore is still locked in a close primary race with Michael Weinstein. 

The upcoming election

Both Skidmore and Michael Weinstein are competing for a Democratic spot in State House District 81 in the upcoming election. This district is in Palm Beach County, and it includes West Boca, West Delray, parts of Boynton Beach, Belle Glade and a few other nearby areas. Whoever wins this primary is almost guaranteed a spot in the state legislature due to prior voting results that favor Democrats. 

There has been intense debate among the two about who is more qualified to hold the position, along with competition in fundraising and endorsements. Weinstein had criticized Skidmore for being a career politician, due to the fact that she has been in government for years without any noteworthy accomplishments. She had worked an additional ten years as a legislative assistant as well. Weinstein has never held office before, but he has gained a lot of momentum and financial support in a short period of time, and seems to hold many positions that are agreeable to local Democrat voters. 

Support the Weinstein campaign

To learn more about Michael Weinstein, check out his campaign page and be sure to register to vote locally. Some of Weinstein’s priorities include better jobs, wages, and unemployment benefits for Florida workers, along with improved access to affordable healthcare, better public schools, and reforms to protect the state’s natural environment. 

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