Skilled Pittsburgh car accident attorneys can assist when pedestrian injuries occur.  

PITTSBURGH – October 4, 2020

Just a few weeks ago a young girl was rushed to Children’s Hospital in critical condition after being hit by a car on Hillsboro Street. The driver of the car who hit her remained at the scene and talked with police.  Pedestrian fatalities in the U.S. have steadily risen since 1988 and are at their highest level with 6,490 individuals fatally injured on U.S. roadways in 2019.  Driver distraction, reckless driving and driving while intoxicated are cited in many of these accidents.  A Pennsylvania car accident attorney can guide a victim’s actions after someone has been hurt, or fatally injured and assist with insurance claims, expediting payment to cover funeral expenses, and necessary litigation for damage compensation.

After a motor vehicle accident in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, drivers should:

  1. Check on the condition of the people involved in the car accident.
  2. Call the police, or emergency responders.
  3. Get a written accident report.
  4. Remain at the accident scene.
  5. Exchange driver and insurance information.
  6. Get witness contact information.
  7. Contact insurance company to set up a claim.
  8. Seek out medical treatment if necessary.
  9. Take pictures of the scene, and the vehicle damages
  10. Seek legal counsel.

Insurance laws.

 Insurance limitations on individual policies may not be high enough to pay when a fatality occurs.  There are specific legal actions that can be filed by heirs of a decedent and personal representatives of an estate with the assistance of an experienced attorney.  The State of Pennsylvania uses both a “no-fault” system and a 3rd party liability system. Under Pennsylvania’s no-fault system, after a car accident, a driver may turn to his or her own insurance company for compensation for injuries up to the personal injury protection, or “PIP”  limit regardless of fault. Drivers also have the right to circumvent Pennsylvania’s no-fault law and proceed directly against the at-fault driver under certain circumstances that result in serious injury.


Compensation for any loss sustained as a result of a car accident, due to partial, or full negligence of another person, is in a victim’s reach to assist in the payment of any significant medical expenses, loss of wages, funeral expenses, and loss of life claims caused by car accidents. Damage settlements stemming from car accidents are usually paid out by insurance companies.

Seek legal counsel.

When car accidents cause property damage, or injury to a pedestrian near Pittsburgh, an experienced personal injury attorney at the Law Offices of Scanlon & Wojton can be of great assistance to victims, or their families.

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