Some factors to consider when deciding whether to sue a drunk driver in Albuquerque

Albuquerque, NM – Drunk drivers can potentially cause large amounts of damage when they are involved in an accident. This will mean in many cases that the victim requires compensation to pay for losses such as medical costs and vehicle repairs. However, some accidents, especially those that are very minor, may not be worth the time investment to try to bring a civil lawsuit against the person responsible. Legal advice should always be obtained prior to making these kinds of important decisions.

Criminal penalties for drunk driving in New Mexico

The state laws for driving while intoxicated include the possibility of up to ninety days of jail time, up to forty eight hours of community service, substance abuse treatment screening, one year of probation, and a driver’s license suspension for a first offense. Those who have prior convictions for drunk driving offenses will receive harsher penalties. It is also possible that an intoxicated driver who causes an accident with associated injuries or fatalities will face felony charges that can result in jail sentences that last several years depending on the severity of the accident and damage.

Civil penalties for DWI offenses

While the driver’s license suspension part of a DWI arrest is technically an administrative penalty because it does not involve the possibility of jail time, this process is still controlled by the government. The victim also has the option of bringing their own lawsuit to make the drunk driver pay for any damage caused during the collision. These costs can be substantial in some cases, as things like healthcare costs, recovery time, lost income and wages, and the victim’s pain and suffering can accumulate to very large amounts. 

Accident lawyers in New Mexico can provide additional information about bringing the lawsuit and making the driver responsible pay for the costs associated with the crash. 

When is it worth it to pursue the civil case?

In many cases, minor accidents can be handled through the insurance process. If there is only vehicle damage and minimal harm to the people involved, it may be sufficient to see if the insurance company of the driver at fault will pay for any vehicle repairs through their liability coverage. In any case, it is best to report the accident to the police, and then get legal advice at a later time when it is safe to do so. As a general rule, injury lawyers will want to pursue cases where the victim sustains some kind of tangible injury or medical problem after the crash.  

Additional information about accident lawsuits in Albuquerque

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