Motorcycle riding is an extremely exciting and cherishable experience and when you do road tripping on your two-wheeler, it gives you a perfect chance to conquer roads and mountains while making unforgettable memories. If you are a die-hard rider, then you must be getting tired of being cooped up in the house and will be anxiously longing for a summer road trip on your motorcycle. Enclosed in your house for months is very stressful especially for adventure lovers. You need a good therapy of motorcycle road trips to overcome these low feelings. Although many tourist spots are opening all around the world, you are afraid of the Covid-19 outbreak and in spite of a great desire, helpless to go out on a trip. No doubt public health officials are constantly giving recommendations for hitting the highway, but for your convenience, we have jotted down some tips for you to head out on the road,


Take Extra Sanitizers and Face Masks:

There is no chance that you won’t touch anything while on your road trip, so, hand sanitizers are necessary for the hygiene of your hands. You should pack some extra sanitizers in your saddlebag because you might not find on your trip or you may lose the one you are using. You must place sanitizer in your easy access for you will need it every now and then. Similarly, you also need a good amount of face masks for your trips because you might come close to someone who is carrying the disease.

Pay Close Attention to Outbreaks in the Area You are Going:

The rise in coronavirus cases varies from place to place, you must be well aware of the situation of the area you are going to. Every country and state is trying it’s best to bring down the corona cases and eliminate the pandemic, and some of the countries are succeeding in doing so, but the situation of most of the localities are changing every other day. Similarly, you should have a clear understanding of the health facilities of that place. You should try your best not to land in an area where emergency and lockdown are likely to occur.

Stay Updated About the WHO Recommendations:

World Health Organization is working on finding the actual symptoms, causes, and remedies of this deadly virus. They always try to keep you updated about their latest research and findings. On your trip, you should occasionally visit the website of WHO for you may save yourself from the Covid-19 with some latest findings.

Social Distancing and the Dangers of Empty Roads:

There is a great chance that you will find very thin traffic on the road yet, it is dangerous because bandits may attack you and try to snatch your belongings. To avoid this situation, you must take safe routes and keep yourself fully aware of your surroundings. On the other hand, if you find heavy traffic with a lot of people whizzing around, you should try to keep social distancing by all possible means.

Try to Avoid Eating and Staying in Fully Packed Hotels:

While on the road, you will eat at some roadside hotel or stay at someplace with beautiful views around. Many people are setting out on road-trips nowadays and chances of packed hotels are high. It’s better to do eating and staying at hotels which are not packed. This might save you from getting in contact with some virus-carrying tourists.

Keep Your Bike and Your Gear Clean:

During your trip, try to keep your bike and gear including your motorcycle vest clean and sanitized periodically. You might save yourself from getting in contact with other people but your bike and gear can come in contact because you might leave your bike at some point to take some divine photos and some passerby touches your bike. This is a very important measure that you might forget to take. Similarly, sanitize your hand after touching the fuel pump for refueling your ride because many people have touched it before you.

Try to Perform Basic Maintenance of Your Motorcycle on Your own:

Try to do the basic maintenance like checking oil, adjusting chain tensioners, checking brakes, and cleaning your carbs by yourself. There are two reasons for doing so, one is that you might get over the boredom and tiredness of riding and the second is you will come in contact with fewer people.

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