Houston, TX – There are some common workplace scenarios that may result in unpaid wages, even if both the worker and supervisor are unaware of the problem. Workers should review their time records and activities to ensure that they have received all of the wages that they are owed, including overtime. It is helpful for all workers to keep some kind of basic records of their own hours, and check them against the company’s official timesheets regularly.  

Asking a worker to stay late but not paying appropriately

When a worker stays later than usual, they should remain clocked in and log these hours to be paid at their normal rate. If the extra time results in more than 40 hours of work for the week, the employee should be paid at an overtime rate for the additional work as well. Even if the extra time only results in a few minutes of additional work after each shift, it is possible that the worker will lose hundreds or thousands of dollars within a year. 

When a worker starts their shift before actually clocking in or formally starting to be paid for their time

The employee has a right to be paid for these tasks, and they should clock in and begin recording their time before they actually begin to do any kind of work. If the employer is forcing the worker to do certain things while they are off of the clock, this is technically a violation of employment and wage laws

The worker is given straight time for working well over 40 hours

Once a worker has completed more than 40 hours of work within a week, they must be paid at an overtime rate unless they fall into the category of certain exempt positions. Any employee who is confused about their eligibility for overtime should get legal help, as the rules can change depending on the way the person is categorized. 

What are the remedies for unpaid wages?

The employer or business can agree to pay any missing time according to applicable laws, if the worker makes them aware of the problem and there is no dispute. This is usually done through a human resources department or payroll director. However, if a lawyer or labor board needs to get involved, the company may have to pay sanctions and damages as well, in addition to paying the worker appropriately. 

Getting legal help with wage and employment issues

Attorneys who focus their entire practice on labor laws are available to assist workers who have had problems with improper pay and wages. Moore and Associated helps clients in Houston and nearby parts of Texas with employment disputes and related problems. 

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