South Carolina business owners can experience significant losses due to accidents

A business was affected by a car crash in Greenville, South Carolina and needed to temporarily pause normal operations. 

Driver goes into a bakery’s window

The incident happened at about 1:45pm on a Friday afternoon on Buncombe Street at the Buttercream Bake House. 

There was no specific information about injuries in the report, but the driver was transported away to be evaluated by medical professionals. The exact cause of the accident was also unknown when the news coverage was released. 

The bakery’s operations were interrupted for a day, but they were able to begin taking new orders the following day and baking more food. Construction crews came to the scene shortly afterwards and began working while the building reopened with limited capacity. 

The bakery had been in the same spot for about six years at the time of the accident. Police planned to conduct a full investigation of the scene and determine the cause of the crash. 

Accidents that result in injuries and property damage

Automobile accidents are one of the most common causes of hospitalization and property destruction in the U.S. each year. Because of this high volume of accidents, personal injury attorneys can focus their entire practice on this one area of the law. The most experienced injury lawyers have handled hundreds or even thousands of these types of cases from start to finish.

Civil lawsuits and negligence

Most accident cases are a type of civil case that deals with the law of negligence.This means that a driver was not careful enough on the roads and caused harm to a person or business. The law varies slightly in each state, but the main elements of negligence do not change much. These four elements are a relevant duty of care, a breach of that duty, causation of an accident, and damages. 

The relevant duty of care on the roads is shown by things like traffic laws and driving regulations. In accident cases where a driver is given a citation for speeding, illegal turns, or other such behavior, this tends to be used as evidence of negligence to prove one or more elements of the action. 

Damages are also an important element because they allow a plaintiff to add up their losses and list them in the initial pleadings to file a lawsuit. This means that the plaintiff’s lawyer will ask for this amount in a settlement agreement or at a jury trial. When a person or business can no longer operate as normal due to significant losses or injuries, the damages can become very large. 

Lawyers can assist after a devastating accident

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