South Carolina motorcyclist is taken for medical treatment after an accident

Motorcycle riders take on a great amount of risk while on the roads, as even minor accidents are likely to result in significant injuries and damage to their vehicle. 

A motorcyclist was hit by a truck in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina and seriously injured.

Motorcycle rider is hospitalized after an incident with a truck

The incident happened late on a Monday night at about 11 pm. The two vehicles were near the intersections of Yaupon Drive and 6th Avenue South. When law enforcement was at the scene, they informed the news reporters that the motorcycle rider collided with the truck in the area of the intersection. Witnesses saw the cyclist being loaded onto a stretcher, but he appeared to be conscious when he was being taken away for medical treatment. There was no specific information about the extent of his injuries. 

Photos of the scene showed workers cleaning up debris while the damaged bike was lying in the road. The local police planned to conduct a more thorough investigation regarding the cause of the accident

Contacting the proper authorities to investigate the collision

In a situation like this, details about the collision appear to be sparse aside from the testimony of one witness. It is imperative to contact both your insurance provider and local law enforcement to create a record of the incident and begin the accident investigation. The report generated by the local police will become a crucial piece of evidence that may be used by your attorney along with other documentation. The plaintiff’s lawyer will try to win a lawsuit through a settlement agreement or jury verdict. The police will even give an opinion regarding who is at fault within their report, as well as other important factual details regarding vehicle damage and how the collision likely took place. 

Personal injury law

The lawyers who focus on these types of motor vehicle accidents every day practice personal injury law. This is a subset of civil tort law that mostly involves negligence cases where a person or business hurts someone else due to inadequate precautions. If the injury attorney for the plaintiff proves all of the elements of negligence, the jury will be instructed to award the plaintiff a sum of money that compensates them for all of their losses such as medical treatment and lost wages. The lawyer is often paid out of these earnings through a contingent fee, which avoids the need for a client to pay attorney fees up front. 

Get help from a personal injury attorney

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