Some divorces can continue to create legal problems even after a couple is formally separated and their marriage has technically ended. This is because there may be continued shared interests in child custody and property use for years to come. 

A member of Congress who represents South Carolina made headlines when he violated his divorce decree

Well known South Carolina politician’s divorce continues to cause family issues

The situation began when he was governor of the state a few years earlier. After a sudden trip to Argentina, he admitted to his wife that he was having an affair with another woman, and he started the process to get a divorce shortly afterward. He also got engaged to his lover from Argentina around this time. 

The couple had gone back and forth over child custody issues, and there were complaints from his ex-wife about possible substance abuse issues to the court. The judge that was assigned to the case ordered a mediator to intervene at the time to prevent further issues. 

Due to privacy concerns, much of the violation of the court decree that was obtained by the local news was heavily redacted. Although the specific behavior that violated the decree is unknown, a spokesperson for the politician said his ex-wife is merely trying to attract media attention to a property issue that should be resolved privately. They had a similar argument over a violation a year earlier, where he was present in his ex-wife’s home without permission. 

While the couple has been formally separated for some time, they are still subject to certain rules from their divorce documentation related to custody issues and property use. 

Courts and divorce decrees 

During the process of a divorce, a couple may begin to live separately or make other arrangements to begin their new lives. In some cases, the courts may issue orders to keep one spouse from trespassing on the other’s property. There may even be protective orders issued if there is a threat of violence against one of the spouses or a child. The services of a licensed family law attorney in Greenville are recommended whenever documentation related to any of these issues will be filed with the local courts. A lawyer will help make sure that their clients remain in compliance with the terms of the agreement.  

Minimizing the possibility of future issues

While most divorces do have some contested points regarding things like property division, financial issues, and child custody, it is possible to take some precautions to help decrease the chances that anything will go wrong. First, an attorney should be involved as early as possible and understand the goals of the client. Also, any documentation such as a decree or protective order related to a pending divorce should be followed, otherwise more serious action can be taken against the spouse who violates the order. 

Get assistance from a local attorney

Because many couples have similar issues to sort out when they decide to separate, it is best to speak with an experienced lawyer who serves the Greenville area. The Hayes Law Firm is available to provide guidance and help couples navigate the court system. 

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