Some workers have to deal with obstacles and situations on their jobs that can result in health problems or medical emergencies. When this happens, the law requires that their employer pay them the amount of normal wages they would have earned if they had continued to work through the injury. 

A school resource officer in South Carolina was injured while attempting to break up a fight between juveniles. 

School officer is caught in the middle of fight on a bus

The incident began when a fight broke out between two 14 year old boys who were on a school bus in Newberry County, southeast of the Greenville metro area. After the officer initially separated the two of them, one of the boys attacked her from behind and hit her several times after he jumped on her back. 

Eventually the officer was able to gain control of the situation. The boys were charged with assault on a police officer and resisting arrest. One of the suspects was taken to Columbia County Jail’s Juvenile Justice Department. 

After the deputy was checked by medical personnel, she required a splint in her wrist and treatment for scratches and cuts on her face. 

Officials with the school district commented that law enforcement is necessary in the local schools because of incidents like this. They believe that a teacher or school administrator attempting to break up a fight would be injured much worse due to their lack of training regarding violent situations. The Newberry County Sheriff also commented that many resource officers in school districts are involved in athletics and coaching, which sets a positive example for students. 

There is at least one resource officer placed in each middle and high school in the county, with a supervisor that occasionally visits elementary schools and provides coverage. 

Workplace injuries and the process of receiving payment

When someone is hurt on any job, especially those that involve violent or dangerous situations, it is possible to receive normal payments of wages until the injury heals. The worker can return to their job when they have reached a level of health that will allow them to work as normal. 

Employers are required by law to have workers compensation insurance and provide this option for payment to workers who need it if their injuries prevent them from working. They also cannot mistreat or retaliate against workers for utilizing this benefit. 

Learn more about workplace injuries and compensation

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