After a serious and life changing injury happens at work, it is imperative to get legal representation right away to plan a course of action. This allows the victim to receive workers compensation benefits and take other actions against the employer if necessary. The amounts involved in these situations may be very large if the worker’s ability to earn wages in the future is permanently affected.  

A worker sustained serious injuries during his shift at a chicken processing plant in West Columbia, South Carolina. 

Injured worker loses a leg during his shift

The man was working an overnight shift, and his leg was caught in an auger on the plant floor at around midnight. When rescue crews arrived, they closed the area near the plant on Highway 378. Employees were told to wait outside near the road while the fire department worked to free the victim. At around 3am, the highway was able to reopen and workers were allowed to return to their work inside the plant. 

The victim was a 43 year old male who required extensive surgery on his right leg. The South Carolina Department of Labor and the business that owns the plant were both working towards completing a full investigation that would determine the cause of the accident and solve any related problems. The sergeant with the West Columbia police who transported the victim to the hospital at Palmetto Health said that he will need to have part of the leg amputated. 

The company where the victim worked, called Raeford Farms, released a statement that they are doing everything they can to ensure the safety of their workers and review the incident. They said that they are praying for the victim and his family. 

What is workers compensation? 

All employers who hire a certain number of employees are required by state law to carry workers compensation insurance. This type of coverage allows an employee to receive their normal wages even if they are not working. This is because the law says that any worker who is legitimately hurt while working in their normal capacity is entitled to their standard wages while they recover. Depending on the situation, the worker may also decide to pursue additional civil actions against the employer or anyone else at fault through a personal injury lawsuit

Sometimes, an employer may try to offer an injured worker a payment and tell them to sign a claim settlement. It is important to not agree to any of these terms before discussing the situation with a lawyer. 

Local attorneys in the Greenville area can help you

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