South Carolina worker was crushed by a tree and required extensive treatment

There are some situations where workers are seriously hurt on the job. This is more likely to happen if they work in an industry with high risk such as those who handle heavy machinery and other dangerous equipment. 

A news report for the Greenville, South Carolina area told about a worker who was injured by a falling tree.

Worker needs to be hospitalized after a tree falls on him

The incident happened at Edith Russell Road in Randelman at just after 6 am. The person who placed the 911 call said that a man who was working in the area was hit by a falling tree. EMS quickly responded to the area, and the victim was transported to the hospital with life threatening injuries. 

The woman who owns the property told the local news that her family owns a small business, and several people meet up at their home every morning and begin working. According to her and other witnesses nearby, the falling tree was a freak accident that just happened in the wrong place at the wrong time. Some men were walking through a lot on their property, and they suddenly heard screaming. 

When police arrived, the man was passed out. Others nearby said that the branch fell on the back of his head immediately after separating from the tree above. According to the owner, the victim had blood on his brain, broken ribs, and no feeling in his right hand or foot when he was diagnosed at the local hospital. 

Work injuries and paths to compensation

Whenever someone is injured while they are working, they are entitled to a special kind of relief through the workers compensation system. There are some requirements, such as the worker must have been performing their normal job duties while the accident happened. Many employers also require a test for drugs and alcohol to ensure that the employee was not impaired when the incident occurred. 

The compensation available will usually cover all of a person’s normal wages that they would have earned if they were working. Most employers are required by the government to carry insurance that will cover their costs for paying the injured employee. 

What should an injured worker do?

The first step is to report the injury and make sure the employer is aware as soon as possible. This will create a record of the incident and begin the administrative process to file a workers compensation claim. After creating a record, it is important to retain a lawyer and follow their advice. No agreements should be made with an employer until an attorney has reviewed the situation. 

Get assistance from a local attorney

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