South Dakota, My insurer says my business interruption policy doesn’t cover pandemics. Now what?

The insurance industry as a whole has made it clear to business owners throughout the U.S. that it doesn’t intend on covering business interruption claims stemming from COVID-19 losses. Insurance companies are saying that “business interruption insurance was not designed or priced to cover virus-related losses as they typically do not meet the requirement for physical damage in a business interruption policy” [Source: Insurance Journal]. Companies also argue that the policies they sell include exclusions for viruses, bacteria, and pandemics.

While what industry spokespersons say might be true, there are still thousands of business owners in South Dakota and all across the U.S. with policies that do not specifically exclude pandemics. There are also business owners and insurance claims denial lawyers who disagree that the COVID-19 pandemic does not cause physical damage to property. They believe it does, and have even gathered evidence to back up their claims.


So, where does that leave these individuals who believe they are entitled to coverage under their business interruption policy but have been denied access to it?


For some, it might leave lacking the financial relief they were depending on. But for others who decide to retain a South Dakota insurance claims denial attorney, they might stand a chance at getting their insurer to cover their claim. While it is unlikely that any business owner wants to take their insurer to court over coverage they have been paying for months or even years, it may be necessary given the firm stance the industry has taken against approving business interruption insurance claims.


Taking Your Insurer to Court Over Your Denied Business Interruption Claim


As unfortunate as it is for business owners to have to go to these lengths to get their insurer to provide them with the coverage they paid for, many need the money their policy owes them to keep their business alive. If your insurer recently denied your business interruption claim, it would be in your best interest to let USAttorneys.com help you locate a South Dakota insurance claims denial lawyer in your city who can help you.

While most assume that when they hire a lawyer they are going to have to attend a formal hearing in a courtroom, that isn’t always the case. You see, if you hire a good attorney who can prove the wording in your policy warrants coverage and is able to produce evidence that the COVID-19 virus did cause physical damage, then your insurer may wish to settle the case before a hearing is ever held. In the event they don’t, then your case could go to court where a judge will rule on the matter. Either way, you won’t have to worry about handling this battle on your own when you choose to hire a skilled insurance claims lawyer in South Dakota.