An odd case came across ABC News 10 headlines recently involving 65-year old Richard Patterson who was charged with the murder of his girlfriend for choking her during oral sex. Patterson began trial back in 2015 where he was accused of asphyxiating his girlfriend during the time of their sexual encounter together. Although the question was raised as to whether Patterson was aware he was actually choking his girlfriend, the verdict left him acquitted of all charges.

What Evidence was Provided?
Patterson’s case is a shear indicator as to why you want to hire a Florida criminal defense attorney, especially in a case where murder is the primary charge. One benefit of having a defense lawyer is that they are going to use any and all evidence pertaining to a case that can help get their client’s charges reduced or even dismissed. That is what we see here is Patterson’s case. Aside from having a medical examiner testify and many other professionals, Patterson’s criminal defense attorney argued that his client should be permitted to show his penis to the jury.

According to the defendant’s defense lawyer, it was pertinent for him to do so. Some of the following questions that arose from this request was:

  • Is it going to be erect?
  • Is it going to be flaccid?
  • How would it be presented to the jury?
  • Do they need to do in the back or in open court?

Obviously, this batch of questions isn’t something you hear in a courtroom setting nor are the requests common. And although the jury didn’t catch a glimpse of the “killer penis,” prosecutors did receive two photographs of it. One displayed Patterson positioned next to a tape measurer and the other was a frontal view of Patterson’s naked body, completely exposed. Apparently this was used to prove that Patterson could very well have choked his girlfriend and didn’t even realize it.
In any event, Patterson’s attorney handled the case in a manner that allowed him to be relieved of facing any sort of criminal charge.
What Does It Mean to be Acquitted of a Criminal Charge?
After someone is accused of a crime, that means they are facing charges and the penalties that they carry with them until they are proven guilty. After the court proceedings are held, a person is generally either found guilty or not guilty. If someone is found not guilty, they are acquitted and set free. This means they are relieved of the charges they once were facing and are no longer a suspect to a crime.
Have You Been Charged with a Crime in the State of Florida?

Anyone facing any criminal charge can benefit from hiring a Florida criminal defense lawyer. Attorneys are more than familiar with the laws along with your rights and will work to ensure they are protected. works with some of the best defense attorneys in the state of Florida and can help get you connected to a professional right now who can assist with your case.

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