New York, NY – There are a number of challenges that face special education students in New York and throughout the United States. In addition to trying to achieve academic success, students may also face various social pressures and problems, including bullying. School administrators have a responsibility to assist these students with any resources that are available, but unfortunately they often fall short and the students suffer. 

Laws that protect special education students

Special education law mainly focuses on ensuring that students are receiving all of the resources and attention they need to be successful. There are various pieces of legislation that have been passed over the years to ensure equal treatment and accommodations for all students, regardless of any disability or handicap that may be present. These include general civil rights and discrimination laws, as well as more specific pieces of legislation such as the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act. 

Many school districts even have an increased legal duty to protect students who have special needs. This is because they may require more assistance and resources to receive the same quality of education as others. 

Education programs

One of the ways that schools are supposed to ensure success for their special needs children is to develop individualized education programs. There is also a requirement of a formal medical or psychological diagnosis of certain disabilities before the student is eligible to receive a program. The program can also be used as a guide for placement in appropriate classes.

Each one of these programs is a legally binding plan that is created by a collaboration between the parents and qualified educators who are familiar with the child’s needs. The program must also be evaluated and changed at least once a year as the student progresses and their needs change. Plans must be updated and maintained until the student graduates or reaches their 21st birthday. These plans are also supposed to be in place regardless of whether the student attends a regular school in special needs classes, or a special needs school.  

Filing lawsuits against a school district

When a teacher or individual school district does not follow these rules and do as the relevant laws require, they may be sued for various forms of relief. A civil case will provide notice, compel the school’s administration to remedy the problem, and take the relevant issues seriously. 

Attorneys available to help with education issues

The Law Offices of Lloyd Donders is a firm that focuses on assisting those with special needs. Anyone who is experiencing potential legal issues in the New York area’s education system can contact the firm for help with lawsuits and related issues. 

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