Iowa City, IA – All states have traffic laws that are meant to keep drivers safe, and Iowa is no exception. Speeding laws are some of the most important traffic regulations, as drivers who travel at a high rate of speed and cause an accident are more likely to cause serious injuries and property damage. There are some basic points about Iowa’s speeding laws that all drivers should understand if they want to avoid traffic citations or being found at fault in a civil case.

Speed limits in the state

In Iowa, any driver who is traveling at a rate of speed above the absolute speed limit can technically be given a citation by a police officer in the local jurisdiction if they are caught. These limits normally include rates of 60 to 70 miles per hour on interstate and local highways, 20 to 25 miles per hour in residential and business districts, and 45 miles per hour on suburban roads unless otherwise posted. 

Penalties in Iowa can include fines, mandatory driving safety courses, and even license suspensions and reinstatement fees for repeat offenders. Those who accumulate several offenses in a span of a few years may be barred from getting their driving privileges back for two to six years based on the number of points on their license. A driver’s insurance policy may also include additional consequences for breaking the law, such as increased rates and premiums which can cost a lot of money over time.  

When a speeding driver causes an accident

A violation of any traffic law does not necessarily decide an accident case. However, the fact that a law was broken can be used as strong evidence of negligence, and it may cause the at fault party to want to settle rather than pursue a full trial. The speed limit along with other relevant factors can be used by the jury to determine who is at fault for the collision. The at fault party will have to pay for the other driver’s losses. 

Legal advice is important after an accident involving speeding because the victim may have extensive losses that require long term medical treatment, plus an inability to work and earn an income. The driver at fault, or their insurance company, may have to spend thousands or millions of dollars to remedy these problems after a life changing incident, plus legal fees. 

Legal advice can be helpful after any incident

Anyone who has been hurt or affected by a car collision should take some time to review their legal options and insurance policy. Eells and Tronvold Law Offices is a firm that uses their decades of experience to assist local clients throughout the state of Iowa. 

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