Fort Lauderdale, FL—Vehicle recalls are issued when a vehicle has one or more issues that may or may not pose as a risk to consumer safety. Sometimes, these issues are serious defects that can lead to the occurrence of an accident while other times, they may only be minor and pose as no threat. When a recall has been issued on a vehicle, whether it is on the vehicle’s airbags, windows, or another part of the car or truck, consumers who purchased the car should receive correspondence that informs them of the issue and how they can get it fixed

Because some consumers may be overlooked, especially when they purchased their car from an individual and not a dealership, they are encouraged to visit regularly or the vehicle manufacturer’s website to see if there’s an open recall. If there is, the consumer should be able to take their vehicle in to their dealership to get their vehicle repaired at no cost to them.


Can a consumer sue a vehicle manufacturer if a defective part on their vehicle causes an accident?


Even after a recall has been issued, consumers are still permitted to sue a vehicle manufacturer if a defective part was responsible for causing them to engage in an accident. Of course, the court is going to consider whether the consumer was notified of the recall and if they took prompt action to get the defective part repaired. And because a manufacturer may claim that they issued a recall to warn consumers and should therefore not be held liable for any accidents, it is in an accident victim’s best interest to retain a Fort Lauderdale, FL personal injury lawyer.

Although recalls are issued to correct an issue that was either overlooked or not identified at the time a product was being made, they aren’t always sent out in time. In fact, some recalls are often sent out after the manufacturer has learned that their product has harmed someone or led to them suffering fatal injuries.


Madalon Law Helps Injured Parties Recover Compensation If a Defective Product Caused Them to Suffer Injuries


If an individual was involved in a motor vehicle accident in Fort Lauderdale that may have been caused by a defective part, they are encouraged to contact Madalon Law to learn more about their legal rights and how they can be exercised. If their vehicle’s manufacturer is found to be negligent in any way, meaning they allowed the part to be sold knowing it contained a defect, they may be entitled to recover damages. Some examples of the damages they may be eligible to receive include:

  • Pain and suffering
  • Past and future medical expenses
  • Lost wages
  • Mental anguish
  • Loss of consortium


If an individual would like to find out if they have a valid case against their vehicle’s manufacturer, they can contact Madalon Law to discuss this with a skilled Fort Lauderdale, FL personal injury lawyer.


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