If a careless truck driver caused an accident that led to an individual suffering one or more fractures, they may be entitled to recover compensation for medical expenses and even loss of enjoyment of life. Living life with a fracture isn’t necessarily easy, but the injuries can be overcome with time, usually six to 12 weeks, and the right type of medical care.1 Affording this medical care, however, is one thing truck accident victims often struggle with the most.

If a truck accident victim is looking for help with recovering the maximum amount of compensation their fracture(s) entitles them to, they can contact a Fort Lauderdale, FL truck accident lawyer. The attorneys at Madalon Law have helped past clients obtain favorable outcomes after having suffered multiple fractures in an accident involving a truck and would be happy to help anyone else who is in need of legal assistance.


How Madalon Law Helps Truck Accident Victims in Fort Lauderdale


After a person has been involved in a truck accident that wasn’t their fault, it is up to them to prove they should be provided with compensation for medical expenses, lost wages, loss of enjoyment of life, etc. Proving liability can be challenging, especially when a truck driver or the company they are employed by is attempting to throw the blame back on the victim.

But this is where it benefits the victim to have a Fort Lauderdale, FL truck accident lawyer working on their side.

The lawyers at Madalon Law will not only take the time to gather any documents and witness statements that could help prove their client is the victim, but they will also go a step further and hire professionals such as an accident reconstructionist who will analyze the scene to show who was responsible for causing the collision. And when a truck accident victim and the team of skilled lawyers they are backed by are able to show a truck driver and/or trucking company was negligent and liable for the accident, they are more likely to obtain a fair settlement in their case.


How much might an accident victim receive after filing a lawsuit against a truck driver?


It depends on the severity of their injury, how the injury has impacted their personal and professional life, and whether or not the victim has sufficient evidence that proves their fracture(s) was caused by another party.

If an individual is looking to sue a truck driver or trucking company for the fractures or other injuries they suffered in a truck crash, Madalon is here to help and can be reached at 954-923-0072.


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