Amazingly, Georgia is one of the few states in the country that doesn’t have its own state-level laws on sexual assault. Federally, the Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 prohibits sexual harassment in the workplace. 


Most states are protected by both Title VII and their own state-level laws, but Georgia only relies on Title VII. Since Title VII generally applies to the workplace, victims of sexual assault have to rely on filing criminal charges against their perpetrators which can often be quite difficult. 


When perpetrators are famous, powerful, or influential, things can get even more difficult for victims of sexual harassment. These people have the resources to socially attack their victims and defend themselves with teams of lawyers and other people. 


This isn’t always enough though, and victims can still obtain justice no matter who sexually harassed or assaulted them. Famous rapper and actor Clifford Harris Jr., better known as T.I was recently caught up in an elaborate web of sexual assault accusations from many victims and going back many years. 


A team of lawyers is pursuing criminal charges in both Georgia and California in regards to allegations that T.I and his wife Tameka had been drugging women against their will and sexually assaulting them while they were passed out. Weaved into these sexual harassment allegations are accusations of illegal threats, kidnapping, and false imprisonment. These inquiries are ongoing at the time of writing, but the rapper, despite perhaps seeming all-powerful, is now all over the New York Times with his life flipped completely upside down. 


If you’ve been the victim of sexual harassment, know that you always have legal options, no matter who you are accusing. Get in contact with an experienced, Georgia-based sexual harassment lawyer today to begin the legal process. 


Any victim of sexual harassment should first make sure they’re safe. If they had their experience in the workplace, then they can then file a complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). Your attorney can help you with this process, as the bureaucracy can sometimes be confusing and time-consuming. 


After submitting a complaint, the EEOC may ask you to participate in an investigation. All complaints must be filed within 300 days, which underlines the importance of not wasting any time. 


Things that don’t usually get taken seriously by the EEOC or the courts are: 


  • Asking someone on a date
  • A nonsexual compliment
  • Suggestive eye contact
  • Consensual relationships


If you experienced sexual harassment outside the workplace, and you think it may constitute as sexual assault or rape, get in touch with a Georgia sexual harassment lawyer right away. These are serious cases that need to be dealt with properly. 


It doesn’t matter if your perpetrator was a plumber or the biggest rapper in the world, and it doesn’t matter if you’re in Atlanta or Astoria. An experienced lawyer is always waiting for you.  

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