The Indiana State Police have a message for its residents and that is, if you plan on traveling this summer, be sure to implement the safety tips they have recommended to ensure your summer is an enjoyable one that is free from harm. And with Memorial Day weekend right around the corner and one of the many weekends families use to travel as they kick-off summer vacation, these tips can be implemented during this time as well.
What are these safety tips you wonder? Read on and be sure to jot down any you feel are important to share with family and friends.

Safety Tips for Driving


  • Make sure you are well rested and capable of driving.
  • Never tailgate. Too many individuals engage in rear-end accidents in Indiana simply because they were driving too close to the vehicle in front and didn’t give themselves ample time to stop.
  • Make sure everyone is buckled up and toddlers are properly buckled into their safety restraint seats.
  • Don’t drive distracted. This means looking off into the sunset, checking your phone, or searching for something that may have fallen.
  • Don’t forget to move over and slow down for emergency vehicles. Accidents can happen with these vehicles when drivers fail to move out of the way promptly.
  • Because the warm weather tends to put additional stress on your tires, be sure you check them and properly inflate them before taking off for your trip. If they look rather worn or they have low tread, you may want to replace them before taking your vehicle on a long road trip.
  • Drive carefully and cautiously as major roads in the U.S. are in poor or mediocre condition, according to Wallet Hub.

Now, if you aren’t planning on traveling this Memorial Day Weekend or even over the summertime, perhaps you might be spending some of your free time outdoors. One thing many individuals tend to do, especially over Memorial Day Weekend, is grill. According to Wallet Hub, approximately 60% of Americans have plans to barbeque this coming weekend so below we share a few tips to help keep you and your loved ones safe if you plan on lighting up the grill.
Always keep children away from the grilling area as you don’t need anyone getting hurt or suffering a burn injury.

  1. Make sure your grill is about 10 feet away from your home and not underneath any overhands or in the garage.
  2. When disposing of charcoal, be sure you put the coals in a metal container to limit fire potential.
  3. Have the lid open on the grill when lighting and avoid moving it once it is lit.
  4. Keep small children and pets away from the grilling area at all times.
  5. If a fire breaks out, call 911.

While Memorial Day weekend is a time when family and friends get together to commemorate those who lost their lives while actively serving in the military service, it is also a time when individuals tend to wind down and relax as it is one of the first long weekends the summer break offers. So, while you are encouraged to enjoy the time you get off, whether it is spent traveling or relaxing in your backyard, remember, safety measures always need to be taken to ensure no unfortunate accidents occur and someone is left injured.
Did you know that it is estimated that 47,000 people sustain injuries and approximately 409 die in car accidents each year during Memorial Day weekend? With this statistic in mind, accident lawyers in Marion, Indiana remind you to always be cautious and careful when traveling and remember to take any precautionary measures necessary when barbequing or doing any other activity that carry risks with it.

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