Michael will rebuild trust between the community and law enforcement



Palm Beach County, FL: Democrat Michael Weinstein has held firm on his position regarding police reforms. His recent statements made in the wake of the tragic killing of George Flyod earned him commendation from his hometown newspaper’s editorial board, calling it “quite reasonable.”


Micahel Weinstein said, “Over the years, I have watched this country fight racism from the outside in, instead of the inside out. Meaning, we arrest and punish individual offenders who violate civil rights, but we are not focused on curing the problem. From my perspective we need a three-part approach: 1. Mandatory de-escalation training. 2. Demilitarization of law enforcement. Police Officers should have all the proper equipment needed to protect themselves, but that does not necessarily mean wearing fatigues and patrol officers driving unmarked cars. These things can cause distrust and are not necessary for effective law enforcement, and 3. I support the idea of Citizen Review Boards.”

The Sun Sentinel Editorial Board and Michael Weinstein’s views of sensible police reform align in almost all categories. The Board understands that “even sensible change comes hard’ and end their article by saying, “Police departments need to realize that some reforms have become inevitable. Citizen review boards is one of them.”

Michael says that the use of unmarked police cars leads to distrust within the community. The Sun Sentinel’s Editorial Board agreed by stating, “Weinstein wasn’t necessarily questioning the use of unmarked cars under all circumstances. They’re essential for stakeouts, for example. But if he was suggesting that they shouldn’t be used routinely, he’s right.”


They continue to elaborate by mentioning that, “an unmarked car is hardly the deterrent that a visible police cruiser is. Weinstein told the newspaper he supports the use of unmarked cars for surveillance, but not community policing, and that “road patrol officers should wear their blues and greens and not combat fatigues. SWAT officers and others,” he added, “it’s okay.”


Read the full article here: https://www.sun-sentinel.com/opinion/editorials/fl-op-edit-police-reforms-20200721-g2ff7fwkm5bz7kgnt5s5qvuuee-story.html


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