Surprising ways that property owners may have to pay for injuries in Iowa

Iowa City, IA – All property owners should take some kind of precautions to ensure that guests, customers, and other parties do not sustain injuries on their land or in their buildings. A person who was hurt can potentially bring a civil lawsuit for a negligently maintained property that caused harm. This area of the law is called premises liability. There are attorneys near me who can advise local clients about any potential legal issues related to their property. 

Injuries to trespassers

While property owners are not held to a very high standard in terms of making their property safe for potential trespassers, many people are unaware of the fact that there can be liability when a trespasser is injured or killed on another person’s property. Trespassers may be more likely to have a legitimate lawsuit if there are things that are especially dangerous or likely to cause injuries on the land. Property owners also generally cannot use various kinds of obstacles or traps that are placed with the intention of harming potential trespassers.  

Known hazards are sources of liability

Property owners should always try to fix or repair any kinds of hazards or dangers after they are reported. If someone is hurt, they may use evidence of the fact that the owner had notice to prove that they were negligent. For these reasons, things like regular maintenance and cleaning protocols are especially helpful on any property, as issues are likely to be discovered and fixed as they arise. 

Problems created by other guests or customers

A common issue that property owners deal with is liability for slip and fall cases. In many of these situations, the problem that caused the injury may have been caused by a customer in a business or a guest who spilled something. If the owner or property management has notice of the spill, but does not clear it in a reasonable time, they can still be liable even though they did not create the initial problem. 

Deviations from a what a reasonable person would have done

An issue in all negligence cases is whether the defendant acted with reasonable care based on the particular situation. The reasonable person standard can be a fairly high burden depending on the facts of the case, and there is an expectation that all relevant laws and safety regulations have been followed if the property owner was acting reasonably.   

Premises liability lawyers in Iowa

Eells and Tronvold Law Offices is a firm that works with injured clients throughout the state of Iowa. Anyone who needs advice from a licensed attorney can contact the firm to schedule a meeting.

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