Theft crimes can result in very serious penalties, especially if something of significant value like an automobile is stolen. These kinds of situations often result in felony charges.

A suspect was charged with stealing an ambulance from an area northeast of Orlando in Volusia County, Florida.

Central Florida suspect steals an ambulance and does not realize that he is being tracked 

Local police for Daytona Beach received a call at about 2:30 am to respond to a stolen ambulance near the AdventHealth Center. A witness told authorities that they saw a 63 year old male attempting to gain access to the bay door. After a struggle with the locked doors, the suspect was able to find a way into the vehicle from the back of the ambulance. 

He started to drive away, but the legitimate crew for the ambulance noticed after they left the inside of the hospital and reported the vehicle missing. The real driver saw her vehicle speeding away as she returned to the health center parking area. The workers had recognized the thief because he had asked for a ride and was refused earlier during the night. They were in the process of transporting a patient during an emergency and could not give rides at the time. 

There was a GPS system in the ambulance that allowed authorities to track the vehicle and eventually found it. Both the suspect and the vehicle were eventually located in Flagler County in the northeast part of Florida.  

The burden of proof and the state’s charges

Keep in mind that any criminal case anywhere in the United States must be proven by the government beyond all reasonable doubt, otherwise the suspect should be acquitted. There are a number of ways that the government can try to do this, but their evidence is rarely perfect. There may be issues of mistaken identity, insufficient evidence, and other problems that cause the state’s argument to look weak or incomplete. 

An attorney may be able to get your case dismissed, get the charges reduced or dropped, or get a conviction expunged after a case has been concluded.  To learn if this will work in your situation, you must schedule a meeting with an attorney to discuss your prior record. 

Crimes involving theft

Theft charges are fairly common, and many defendants find that the state wants to charge them with serious crimes for stealing something of value. While the quality of evidence that prosecutors and the police collect can make a large difference, it still is important to get help from a legitimate attorney in your area. 

Learn more about defending against the state’s charges in Florida

Contact the Law Office of Donald. A Lykkebak for more information about defending against your charges. You can receive advice specific to your case from an attorney who focuses on defending local clients. 

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