Orlando, Florida, What effects can foreclosure have on a household?

When an individual or couple purchases a home, the last thing they expect is that they will one day lose it to foreclosure. Unfortunately, certain circumstances do arise (e.g. financial hardship, loss of employment, divorce) that can make it…

Florida Governor Extends Eviction Moratorium Once Again

Hours before Gov. Ron DeSantis’ moratorium was scheduled to expire, he announced that he would be extending it once again. Instead of expiring on September 1st, the eviction moratorium is now set to expire on October 1st, giving Floridians…

Coral Springs, Florida, How can I avoid foreclosure?

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’ moratorium is scheduled to expire on September 1st, that is unless the order is extended again, which means many homeowners could be losing their homes if they cannot come up with a way to make their mortgage payments.…