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Drivers in Anchorage need to know how they can be sued for negligence

Anchorage, AK - Most civil cases that are filed after a motor vehicle accident in Alaska and other states attempt to argue that the defendant driver was negligent. This means that they breached the required standard of care while operating their…

How is the value of a car accident determined in Austin?

Austin, TX - Car collisions result in property damage, injuries, and other kinds of losses. When the victim needs to file an insurance claim or bring a lawsuit, there needs to be a specific dollar amount assigned to these costs. There are a…

Will auto insurance pay for all losses related to an accident in Addis?

Addis, LA - Auto insurance is an important way for drivers to cover their liability for causing accidents, as well as other types of losses. Basic liability coverage is also required for drivers in every state. However, it is possible that a…