What safety measures should employers who oversee package delivery workers implement to reduce COVID-19 exposure?

Package delivery workers have and continue to play an integral part in keeping the country running during the COVID-19 pandemic. From groceries to medical supplies, delivery workers have done an excellent job of getting consumers the items they…

Miami, FL, How to Get Your Workers’ Comp Claim Paid Even When Insurers are Denying or Delaying the Issuance of Benefits?

The insurance industry is feeling the pressure from the COVID-19 pandemic as it is not only receiving an influx of claims filed by employers, physicians, and business owners that it must respond to, but it is also being sued for its failure…

What should a Miami employee do if their COVID-19 workers’ compensation claim is denied?

In order for an employee to obtain workers’ comp benefits, they must be eligible to receive them. Given that they do, their employer is expected to notify their insurer that an employee of theirs contracted an illness while on the job and…