Cedar Rapids motorists may be injured by a distracted driver

Cedar Rapids, IA - Many of the motor vehicle accidents that happen each day in the United States are caused by distracted drivers. Technologies like cellphones, GPS systems, and high end stereos mean that drivers have more items grabbing their…

Five people were injured and one person died after an SUV and a car collided near Boise.

One man was killed and five other people were taken to a Boise hospital after an SUV and a car collided head-on in Owyhee County Tuesday afternoon. The crash happened at about 1:50 p.m. on Idaho 51 near Grasmere. According to Idaho State Police,…

Was distracted driving the cause of four pedestrian deaths near San Diego earlier this week?

  Four pedestrians, including two young brothers and their grandmother, were fatally struck by a car during a nighttime stroll along a California roadside northeast of downtown San Diego. Police discovered an injured 10-year-old and…