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Repeat offender convicted of murder for DUI accident resulting in fatal injury in San Diego.

California – January 7, 2022 A Spring Valley resident was convicted of murder for crashing his car on SR 94 while DUI of methamphetamine and Xanax resulting in the fatal injury of one his passengers and sentenced on December 1 to 15-years-to-life…

Motorcycle accident lawyers assist with accidental death claims after reckless driving in San Diego.

California – February 27, 2021 A young motorcycle rider suffered fatal injury at Escondido Hospital after his bike hit another car, subsequent to racing other vehicles and speeding away from California Highway Patrol.  The accident occurred…

Skilled Pittsburgh car accident attorneys can assist when pedestrian injuries occur.  

PITTSBURGH – October 4, 2020 Just a few weeks ago a young girl was rushed to Children’s Hospital in critical condition after being hit by a car on Hillsboro Street. The driver of the car who hit her remained at the scene and talked with…