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When is it legal to pass a vehicle on a Florida road?

Largo, FL—A large percentage of the car crashes that occur in the U.S. happen as a result of illegal passing. Florida drivers are only permitted to overtake and pass a vehicle when the law allows for it. Passing can be a risky maneuver to…

Can a car accident victim in Florida recover compensation for pain and suffering?

Car accidents are traumatic events that can have an everlasting effect on those involved. While some accident victims are lucky enough to avoid severe injuries, it doesn’t mean they entirely avoid pain and suffering. Even the smallest of injuries…

Florida Driver Arrested for Causing Hit-and-Run Accident that Killed One Child and Left the Other Injured

It was during the early evening hours on April 6th when two friends, 13-year-old Rylee Simmons and 12-year-old Hailey Locke, were walking near the intersection of Quintette Road and Lake Carrington in Escambia County. As the two kids were walking…