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Orange County, Florida Commissioners Approve $20 Million Plan that Will Pay Landlords to Keep Renters in Their Homes

With Governor Ron DeSantis’ moratorium set to expire on September 1st, lawmakers in Orange County decided more needs to be done to protect their residents from being evicted from their homes during the tough times the COVID-19 pandemic has…

Orlando, Florida, What is a short sale and how long do they take to settle?

Despite the name, short sales can sometimes take months before a deal is reached. The reason being is that the mortgage lender must approve an offer before it can be accepted, and a house can be sold. If you are a homeowner in Orlando who would…

As COVID-19 Cases Surge in Florida So Does the Demand for Orlando Homes

Although the COVID-19 pandemic has shuttered businesses, costing people their jobs and source of income, news sources are reporting that residential real estate is on the rise in Orlando, FL. According to the Orlando Business Journal, real estate…