Michael Weinstein Stands for Better Jobs, Increasing School Funding, and Affordable, High-Quality Health Care

Despite being told that he “could not win” and that his campaign would be “torpedoed,” Michael Weinstein, Democratic candidate for Florida House District 81, has received an outpouring of support from fellow community members who are…

Skidmore dives into the mud to attack Weinstein

Kelly Skidmore is in the process of trying to gain support for the upcoming election, but her past lack of accomplishments may leave many voters disappointed. She was most well known for serving in the House of Representatives for District 90…

Kelly Skidmore Hides Behind Surrogates While Her Campaign Slings Mud

Michael Weinstein and Kelly Skidmore are among the top two candidates running for a seat in Florida House District 81, and as voting day quickly approaches, the campaigning seems to be getting more intense. While Mr. Weinstein has used his media…