Miami, Florida, Proving Negligence in a Personal Injury Case

When one party sues another in Miami, Florida for the injuries they suffered in an accident, they will be required to prove how the other person or party was negligent. Cornell Law School defines negligence as “a failure to behave with the…

Virginia Restaurant Sues Insurer for Denying its Business Interruption Claim Even Though Its Policy Explicitly Covers Viruses

The owner of Guajillo Mexican has brought a lawsuit against Twin City Fire Insurance—a member of the Hartford Insurance Group, after receiving notice that the company was not going to cover its business interruption claims related to COVID-19…

Meat Company Sued Over the Death of a Worker Who Contracted COVID-19

As meatpacking workers continue to show up to work each day amid the COVID-19 pandemic, each are putting their lives at risk as they are required to work around others who could potentially be carrying the virus. Although the Centers for Disease…