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Iowa construction worker was killed while working on a bridge. His employer may now be facing a civil lawsuit

Authorities were in the process of investigating the death of a construction worker who was killed on a highway job site in Polk County, Iowa.  Construction worker is killed after taking a serious fall The accident happened at about 8:30am…

Tallahassee truck accident causes delays and leaves two drivers seriously hurt

While some truck accidents only cause minor inconveniences for drivers, injuries can be serious or deadly for those directly affected by a collision. The civil law provides victims with a number of remedies through legal action if they need…

Tennessee car accident caused injuries to three victims. How will a personal injury lawsuit help them pay for losses?

Some of the most common legal actions are related to motor vehicle accidents that result in various kinds of injuries. These cases are so important because they are one of the only ways a victim can afford lots of sudden, unplanned costs such…